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Service Canada Home Page Fort McMurray Notice Canada’s Government is committed to supporting Canadians affected by the Fort forest-fire in northern Alberta. For more information, consult with the Critical Notice website. Bay de Verde Notice The Government of Canada is to supporting Canadians affected in Newfoundland by the Bay de Verde fish seed fire committed. In order to provide individuals and group people affected by this situation, Assistance Europe team are available on-site in Old essay Perlican (about 10 kilometers from Bay de Verde) to offer personalized company for a protracted period. The Old Perlican Assistance Canada office is found at: David Hoskins Community Center 575 Labrador and A Primary Street Old Perlican Effective May 2nd. 2016 and until further notice, the office will be open Wednesdays from 9: 00 until 4: 00. Support Canada is making every effort to provide immediate support and assistance during this hard moment to the area and these workers. Functions Finish the census survey today Beneficial info that’ll be used by all quantities of government to create conclusions about area and your area will be provided by completed surveys. Data received through the census is required to program services for example child-care, learning, family services, property, public transportation and skills-training for work.

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Apply online to your Canada Pension retirement pension The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) pension pension provides a regular benefit to eligible Canadians. Use My Support Canada account fully for fast, convenient and secure access to your CPP data and apply online.